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Peanut Racer


Zlin xIII

another rebuild, broke first wing while trimming


Fictional sports plane


DGA 3 Pete II

second version of this classic racer




Another rebuild

Video 1  

I16 Rata

the first one never flew well, this one is much lighter but also difficult to trim


Video 1  

Beech T-34 Mentor

Im participating the low wing trainer cookup at hippocket aeronautics. The T-34 is rarely modeled and looks fine


Westland Wyvern

An impressive beast swinging 8 contrarotating prop blades. My first attempt on a contra prop setup.


Pliatus PC12 (Nov 08)

Cessna 195 (Sep08)

PT22, Orion, FW 43, Albatros Sep08

PT 22 (Aug 08)

bearcat (April - june 08)

Delta Dyke (April - june 08)

Fokker DVII (April - june 08)

Delt Dyke first flight (Mar 08)

Bronco (Jan 07)

Do 27 (Nov 06)

Do 27 maiden (Nov 06)

F13- 2 (Nov 06)

F13 (Sept 06)

concorde cool flight (Sept 06)

sghian dubh wit dihedral added (Sept 06)

Arrow to the trees (Sept 06)

sghian dubh 2 (Sept 06)

sghian dubh (Sept 06)

Avrow 2 (Sept 06)

Avrow Arrow (Sept 06)

Tailless planes (Sept 06)

B208 second day (Sept 06)

B208 maiden flight (Sept 06)

BD-5 (July 06)

Albatros (July 06)

XP56 (July 06)

FW 189 (July 06)

BD-5 (June 06)

Concorde & HS 123 (June 06)

Henschel evening fligh (May 06)

Airtractor evening flight (May 06)

F-102 high (May 06)

F-102 sample (May 06)

Bücker trimmed out (April 06)

F 104 cool 1 (April 06)

F 104 cool 2 (April 06)

Heinkel 51 frst day (April 06)

Heinkel 51 frst day 2 (April 06)

Jeep Racer (April 06)

Bücker Jungmann (April 06)

Airtractor (April 06)

FW 189 (April 06)

Bücker Jungmann (April 06)

F7U Cutlass (April 06)



XP 56 second

XP 56 first

FYU second

FYU Maiden

henschel jan 06

Ju 52 22.1.06

Ju 52 14.1.06

Henschel 3rd session

Henschel 123 first flight

F-104 sample

F-104 first flight


Ju 52 first flight

TA 152, FW 56

Klemm 35

Lockheed Orion, TA 152

XF 84h

Racers, Albatros

Cheep Racer, Zlin

Klemm 35, Cheep Racer


DO 335, Albatros

Altair, Varieze, Variviggen, Do 335Ju 52 first flight


Variviggen No. 2

Did not have much luck with my first build of that plane. First trimming is done but it is not yet circling overhead.

Video 1

BD5 No. 2

Second verion of this cute Kit-based aircraft. I accidentally stepped on the first one on the filed

Video 1

Pilatus PC 12

Build from a rough draft plan. Very nice sight in the air.

Plan; Video 1

Cessna 195

Just wanted to build a well flying high winger. Ear Stahls designs always guarantee good flights

Maiden Flight

Ryan Pt 22

The beautiful trainer based at the nearby Merzbrück Airport. Flies very slow and stable


Fokker DVII

A WWi fighter build from Paul Matt drawing. Need a lot of power to fly

  Plan, Video

F8F - Bearcat

I could get real close to this plane at Camarillo Airport CA. So I had to build it. The kfour blader nver worked. Trimming proved to be very difficult

  PlanTrimming session, Flight

FlightFW 43 Falke

An old Focke Wulf Design. flies very constant and stable


Delta Dyke

An experimental homebuild aircraft. After many trials it flies.

Plan, Colour stripes, Video


OV-10 Bronco

A beautiful aircraft but not very well suited for rubber powered free flight as I found out. It took one hit too many in trimming phase.

Video 1, Plan plan

DO 27

The legendary aircraft used in the movie "Serengeti darf nicht sterben" . Excellent flyer.

      Video 1, Video 2

Concorde No.2

Had to try again on the Concorde. The first version did not have successful flights before it was destroyed. Flies fine now.


Video 1

Junkers F13

  Video 1, Video 2

Shian Dubh rebuild

went into the trees on the first flight session too.

Video 1, Video 2

Avro Arrow

Probably the second most famous cancelled aircraft. Makes a good rubber model with plenty of wing area and stabilising delta wing.



The fuselage formers are not exactly the height of the drawn fus and need djustments!  Cut to lentgh at the top.

Video 1, Video 2

Sghian Dubh

A homebuild flying wing. Not much luck with this model. It flew into a tree in the initial trimming session and was not found again. .


Messerschmitt BV-208

Built for the SFA flying wing cookup. It is one of the Luft 46 Designs. Flies well.



Video 1, Video 2


Bede BD-5

Cute experimental kit plane. Was flying surprisingly well. A wrong step on the field was the end of it.

Plan: Nick de Carlis

Video 1, Video 2


Was difficult to trim and disintegrated before a stable flight could be achieved. Will build another one.


Video 1



F-102 Delta Dagger

Built in one day. Excellent flyer (the delta wing creates a lot of stability). Flew into the nettle field.


Video 1, Video 2


Bücker Jungmann

Built from Walt Mooney plans. Nice flyer with lots of character. Still active.

Plan: Walt Mooney Plan

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Status: KIA

Heinkel 51

Scratchbuilt from own plans.


Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Status: Active



Really had to build this odd looking aircraft. good climb and tight turns.



Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Status: Active



My first venture into tailess aircraft. Nice and stable flyer. Needed a lot of tailweight.



Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, Video 6

Status: KIA


Air Tractor

The only plane ever to exceed a minute. Missing in Action.


Video 1, Video 2

Status: KIA


Henschel 123

My first self designed biplane. I liked the looks of it. Landing gear kept breaking off and was replaced by an plug in solution.



Video 1, Video 2, Video



Built out of curiousity whether it would fly. Surprisingly it did. Looks very cool in the air. Best flight was close to 30 sec.


Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4,


Ju 52

This aircraft repeatedly flew over our house when it was in town for inspection. More time than usual was invested to do the details. Has possibility to power all three props but this proved to be too much hassle on the field.



Video 1, Video 2, Video 3,


FW 56

Superb flyer, very stable due to the high wing mounting. Got caught in the trees and came down after 3 month. Fuse is still ok and a new wing will be built.

Video 1, Video 2


Lockheed Orion

Visit the original here. One of my all time favourites.

Plan: Tom Nallen

Video 1


FW 189

MY first twin. Stable flyer. Single prop planes are easier to handle on the field. Best flight around 35sec



Video 1, Video 2


TA 152

Built as contribution to the model builder book cookup on SFA. The long wings and long nose make it a good rubber subject.


Plan -> Model builder book

Video 1, Video 2


Klemm 53

A real floater with all that wing. Glide is an issue but dont know why.




Zlin Xii



Video 1, Video 2


DGA3 Pete





Jeep Racer



Hurlburt Hurricane





        video 1, video2  

Henschel P75



DO 335






FW 190


Lockheed Altair




Bird biplane


DHC 2 - beaver




A1 Skyraider


Peanut Shinden


Peanut TA 152


Mitsubishi Zero


Kyushu Shinden


I-16 Rata



Chilton D1


Hughes Racer


Sea Fury


Early birds





Flying field